Square Dance Etc.


You have many different ways you can view the calendar.

  • In the upper right hand corner you can change the views to a Week or Month view.  Additionally, you can see a list by month of all of the events.  The default view is “Agenda.”  Simply click on any label to change.
  • The default date range for the Agenda view is Six Months.  You can change that to multiple different values.
  • You can click on any entry to see more information about that event.  In this view there’s a link to Google maps for the event’s location.
  • In Agenda / List mode you can also click the “Details” checkbox.  This will open up every event for you to see all of the details at once.
  • Finally, you can see the contents of a single sub-calendar.  From the list on the left side, under calendars, move your cursor to the very end of the colored label.  You’ll see an “eye” symbol appear.  Click that “eye” and then you’ll see only that sub-calendar.  To see all the calendars again, click the “eye” again.

Heather Gardens Clubhouse

Infinite Dance, Inc

Maple Grove Grange

The Outpost

Pike Peak Grange #163

Wheat Grange #155