Square Dance Etc.

One Night Parties

Are You Looking for a Fun and Unique Activity?

Consider a "One Night Square Dance Party!"

If you’re planning a get together for your Church, a workplace picnic, a youth group, fraternity / sorority, corporate meeting, family reunion, wedding reception . . . any event where you’re looking for fun to do, go no further!

One Night Square Dance Parties are full of fun and laughs — GUARANTEED!  These parties sometime referred to as Barn Dances, Hoedowns or Community Dances are a great way to accomplish maximum audience entertainment and interaction.  No need to have prior square dance knowledge:  we’ll have you dancing within minutes!  The dance instruction will be quick and easy — even for the novice!

We’ll bring everything your event needs for a fabulous party.  We’ll bring the music.  We’ll bring the speakers.  We’ll bring the FUN!

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